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Charters of Freedom!

It’s hard to believe that something so critically important as the original documents of the United States was actually missing for a period of time. However, the documents have long been located and are now safely under lock and key. Further, these same documents are also view-able by anyone at the National Archives in Washington D.C..

The Charters of Freedom is the name of three documents that combine into one legal overarching document defining the framework of the United States of America.

They include:
1. Declaration of Independence
2. Constitution
3. Bill of Rights

This week we will read all three documents. It can be safely argued that the Rights of many U.S. Citizens are not protected in the Declaration or the Constitution, but the original Thinkers, despite their own personal errors, made sure the Charters of Freedom could be changed for further inclusion of Human Rights through the Bill of Rights. Hence, the framework of the Unites States of America is a living and breathing document. Such a Declaration requires an active citizenry committed to both the ideals of Freedom and the practice of Freedom.

Link: Charters of Freedom

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