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The Garden Party

This week we’ll read an important work by the man who became the 1st President of the Czech Republic. To many Václav Havel is the Philosopher King made true. To the rest of us, he is a person who dedicated his life to Freedom.

Assuming a Fictionalized Account,  we’ll be offering a live student reading of Havel’s, “The Garden Party.” Sitting circle style we’ll each take turns reading given roles paying close attention to the author’s original intent. The goal here is not to master a theatrical production, far from it in fact. Our simple goal is to provide our own small town voices to a true renegade’s work. Please join us for a fun filled night.

It’s important to note, roles will be assigned at the time of the meeting. Everyone will receive a role, no matter what. We’ll draw upon Cape Edition.

Of special note, Publishers and Editions of a given publication can be critical to fully apprehending a specific text. Related to the Cape edition: “the remarkable  Cape Editions series of seminal modern texts: poetry, prose, anthropology, drama, many of them pioneering translations”

For another take on the Garden Party, please click the link for Rick Nelson’s Garden Party.

Brief Video on Havel: Madeleine Albright on Vaclav Havel’s ‘Massive Moral Authority, Great Courage’

Please remember to bring $3 for the Setauket Neighborhood House.

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