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Selections from Nietzsche

This week, let’s read some brief selections from Nietzsche. These are all aphorisms, meaning they’re meant to be read as standalone bits rather than as part of a larger text. The main course shall be “Parable of a Madman,” the text where the extremely famous pronouncement “God is dead” appears. The rest will be random selections from “The Gay Science” and “Beyond Good and Evil.” Nietzsche is often unforgivably difficult to understand, wanting not only to produce original ideas, but also an original way of expressing them. However, they are gold mines of meaning. There should be plenty to discuss. Since they are all standalone bits, please read the Madman, but of the others, read what you like (or all, there aren’t that many).

Please remember to bring a 3 dollar donation for the Setauket Neighborhood House

1st Reading:
The Madman

2nd Reading:
Gay Science

3rd Reading:



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