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Freedom, and Its Limits

Many of us appreciate our Freedom without question. This week we’re taking on this query, and considering its limits too. No doubt, there is much to agree on, for example, “thou should not kill,” however, there may be areas were ideas provide greater challenge. Involved in this notion are what is our personal responsibilities to the Social Contact, when the accepted norm or law says one thing, but our own sense of Freedom points in another direction. Still further, even if we are born into a given society, are we responsibility to its definitions of Freedom? Much to think about and discuss.

To help foster the conversation, we’ll be reading a chapter from David Miller’s book, “Political Philosophy, A Very Short Introduction.” Anticipating a healthy conversation, and looking forward to hearing you take!

Please read pages 55 – 73 Political Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction By David Miller

Please remember to bring $3 for the Setauket Neighborhood house.

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